Your Project. Your Space.

TechBridge Makerspace is an innovation center with a positive environment for making and learning by providing access to space, tools, technology and instruction.

Membership Information

To be able to use the spaces and tools at TechBridge, you will need to be a member. The basic membership is set at a great price point to reduce barrier to entry for the many who have great ideas and need workspace and access to tools or equipment.

The basic membership will give you an orientation training on basic tools, allow you access to the spaces and the privilege of using many of the tools.

More specialized equipment or requiring a greater knowledge for its operation and safe use will require additional training. The time available to use popular equipment will be limited.

Extended membership options will be available for using higher-end equipment or having more time to use popular equipment.

We are putting together a list of committed people who are

First Name

Feel free to share your interests, what you might like to see in the space,
programs you'd like offered, or skills you'd like to share with others.